We are an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of pets and people in Southeast Missouri. We envision a community where every animal has a safe and loving home. Our care and support helps more than 3,500 animals stay off the street each year.

We receive no operating funds from the government or the Humane Society of the United States. We rely on the love and support of our community for volunteers and donations to continue our mission.

Our Vision:

The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri believes that animals and people enrich each other’s lives. Our goal is to save every adoptable pet in our care and reduce the pet overpopulation through education and providing families the opportunity to better their lives through the human pet bond.

Our Mission:

The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri serves our communities by nurturing the human pet bond by providing shelter care and advocacy for homeless pets and providing spay and neuter resources and education for people.

Board of Directors

Charlotte Craig, President

Everett Cassady, Treasurer

Karen Honaas, Secretary

Janet Robert, Board Member

Sam Herndon, Board Member

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Shelter Staff

Tracy Poston
Executive Director

Cindy L. Lange
Community Outreach
& Development Coordinator

Zach Boerboom
Shelter Operations Coordinator

2020 Annual Report

Intake Save Rate Euthanized Returned to Home
Cats 657 94.3% 37 17
Dogs 1,310 98.1% 25 267
Misc 24 24 0 0
TOTAL: 284

(ASPCA SAVE RATE The Formula: (Intake minus Euthanasia Outcomes) divided by Intake)