Why are Foster Homes needed?

Year round, we care for pets of all ages that require a little extra TLC. These pets may need extra socialization, require medical care, are too young for adoption (like bottle babies who have lost their mom), pregnant animals, or pets waiting to leave for their forever homes. Foster Parents help pets with special needs and prepare them for adoption for their forever homes.

To become a Foster Parent, complete and submit our online application or come pick one up at the shelter. Once received, we’ll schedule a home visit with you and match a pet with your abilities and preferences. We provide food and veterinary care and can loan crates if needed. Any supplies you may be able to provide will save us precious resources.

Questions to ask yourself before you apply:
  • Can I take in foster animals upon request?
  • Are there personal or professional obligations that would interfere with my volunteer responsibilities?
  • Do I have any allergies or conditions that I should consider before working directly with animals?
  • If you own pets, are you able to (if needed) keep your fosters separated from the other animals in the house?
  • Do you feel emotionally capable of “letting go” of animals, regardless of the outcome?

Fostering instills a huge sense of accomplishment because you singlehandedly give a pet a second chance at life! Without foster parents, dozens of animals never receive the opportunity to find a loving, permanent home.

Foster Care Application

Return by email: Complete and attach your completed application to an email with “Foster Application” in the subject line to hssemo@semopets.org

Return by mail: Complete and mail your application to the following address:

Humane Society of Southeast Missouri
2536 Boutin Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701