Why Give Monthly?

Your gift changes lives

You can make a difference in the lives of homeless and neglected animals in Southeast Missouri. Every year we care for more than 3,500 animals from our area who are abandoned, mistreated, and desperately in need of loving attention.

Your monthly donation is put right to work giving these precious lives the food, shelter, and medical care they depend on us for. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you helped provide the essentials to a dog or cat at the shelter every month. And your consistent support helps us confidently continue to make space for the ones who are sick or injured an need extra TLC.

Ready to join? Simply fill out the form below to set up your donation and help support our life-saving work, or fill out our Monthly Giving Printable Form!

Don’t have much to give? For as little as $10.60 you can provide all the care needed for 1 animal for 1 day! That’s less than a week’s worth of morning coffee, yet makes such a difference!