In the modern world, stress is considered to be a normal part of every individual’s life. Considering how busy life has become for all of us, it is no surprise to know that millions of Americans are diagnosed with some kind of mental illness each year. Fortunately, as the world is progressing, we are witnessing a change in the methods that are available for treating such illnesses. While therapy is extremely helpful, in the modern times, an emotional support animal is also considered to be equally effective.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?
An Emotional Support Animal (ESA), as the name suggests, is a furry animal that can help alleviate an individual’s level of stress significantly. These animals provide a person who is suffering from a mental illness or recovering from a setback the assistance that they need. More and more professionals in the Psychiatric services are now recommending their patients to consider having an Emotional Support Animal that can help them recover. Typically, dogs are considered to be great ESAs but some people also have cats or other animals that help them with their disabilities.

How Emotional Support Animals Transform One’s Life
Depending on your emotional or mental condition, a mental health expert would write an emotional support animal letter which will make you qualify for taking your ESA to different public places as well. So, how does an ESA help you change the quality of your life? Here’s how:

1. Travel Anxiety
Many people suffer from travel anxiety and therefore are unable to get on a plane making their life difficult. Realizing this, the American’s with Disabilities Act has permitted people to take along their ESA on the plane to soothe their anxiety.

2. Neurotransmitters
It has been seen that ESAs increase the level of dopamine in one’s body, which is a chemical associated with bonding and love. This feeling of pleasure coming from certain neurotransmitters can help one relax and less likely to get depressed.

3. Loneliness
Apart from lowering your overall stress levels, ESAs can also be seen as companions that eliminate any feelings of loneliness. Many owners feel a sense of connection and unconditional love with their ESA which is extremely helpful in encouraging them to form stronger, healthier relationships with others as well.

4. Social Support
An ESA is great social support for any individual who is struggling to become a part of the outside world after a phase of detachment. People, who suffer from social anxiety, witness a massive transformation in their ability to interact with others with the help of an ESA.

5. Safety
Having the companionship of an ESA wherever you go gives a sense of security to every individual. The playful nature and unconditional love of your ESA can help you relax and get rid of paranoid feelings.

6. Recovery
In case you are suffering from an injury that has had a significant impact on your emotional health you can take the help of an ESA to boost the recovery process. Moreover, as you go outside for a walk with your ESA you will experience an increase in your physical activity thereby improving your health.

Bottom Line
Even though ESAs are considered to be extremely helpful in treating different emotional and mental conditions, it is essential to realize the importance of other treatment methods as well. Support from an ESA should be used in conjunction with other cognitive behavioral treatment ways. In this way, you will be able to witness significant changes in the overall quality of your health and lead a happier, less-stressful life.